The ethics of floristry is currently under wide discussion (as is the sustainability of many businesses), in particular the use of floral foams. Whilst many of the businesses in Farewell Flowers directory advocate eco-floristry, this is not necessarily the case for all directory entries and you may like to bring this up with the directory member when you contact them.

What is Eco-Floristry

Thoughts on Eco Floristry by Kathryn Cronin – FierceBlooms

Many are aware of carbon emissions from vehicles and planes so it is very obvious link that if transport is involved, and the more distance that a particular flower travels, then the more carbon is being used.

Flowers from the Farm has a growing network throughout the country. Pun intended as our growers can transport flowers to their customers with a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional wholesalers. The flowers themselves are grown seasonally and often with minimal or no chemicals. That very local delivery means availability of beautiful unique flower and foliage varieties that reach our environmentally conscious customers with as little impact on our planet as possible.

Anecdotally, our flower farmers report their growing areas are often humming with bees and butterflies. Each flower growing business is itself is proving to be a haven for wildlife with many choosing to grow native flowers and others using gentler methods to look after their earth.

Floristry is a global and sophisticated business. Many funeral designs that have become the stalwart of the industry use floral foam. What many are completely unaware of though is that floral foam is a form of plastic. After all, it is green. You would think it is environmentally friendly. The reality is that colour belies it’s true nature.

While it was an absolute innovation in its day, in the 21st century, there is more understanding about its environmental impact. Sadly, many tributes made from floral foam will continue to contribute to the planets plastic problem.

The good news is that there are alternatives that are not other floral foams (much more research and development is required before these approach a sustainable option). Before the advent of foam, florists used containers with water and chicken wire. Moist moss gathered from certified growers is an excellent medium in which to create bases with frames of willow and other woods. Even wire frames can be recycled. It is all about how we use and then reuse the planets resources. Jute string can be used to bind these materials. All completely recyclable. And if that is all sounding a bit basic, the floral designs that can be created using these environmentally friendly materials are beautiful, original and authentic.

Many eco friendly florists are making the decision to stop using it. To stop using that plastic that conveniently holds water requires courage and innovation. Many in Flowers from the Farm are choosing to do that to create tributes filled with seasonal scented flowers and foliage that importantly won’t cost the earth.