We weave Crosses,  Hearts and Wreaths from British willow especially grown for us down on the Somerset levels.

Then we add a mix of seasonal foliage gathered from the hedgerows and woods nearby;  this may include ivy, honeysuckle, pussy willow, yew, hazel catkins or blossom – whatever is available at the time of year.

In winter we add fir cones, seed heads, nuts and late autumn fruits picked up in the surrounding woods.  In the warmer months we add flowers from our glorious cutting field.

Instead of willow, our Rustic Cross is fashioned from Hazel, Oak, Elder or any other woody material we have foraged on the farm.  This gives a rougher result and a truly individual creation.

If you just wish to send a simple bunch of seasonal British flowers and foliage, then our Funeral Sheaf is perfect for laying by a graveside.   In wintertime we will replace the flowers with wheat.

If you have a particular request we will do our utmost to help.

Every FAREWELL tribute is unique.

Every FAREWELL tribute is 100% natural and completely made to order by hand.

–          Follow our diary as we record the plants and wildlife we see every day as we forage in the woods.

–          See the pictures of the birds and animals that browse there.

–          Watch the woods change with the seasons and share the images of the plants that have gone into the creation of a fitting tribute to the person whom you mourn.