There is a lot of discussion at the moment regarding the use of floral foam. Many of our members have taken the decision not to use floral foam and can display the no floral foam logo on their website if desired.

The widely respected Shane Connolly, who has been creating timeless artisan floral arrangements since 1989, had the following comment:

“It’s a chilling fact that a coffin (and its contents) will decompose quicker than the floral foam used to hold flowers on top of it. And the foam will leave a residue of micro-plastics in the earth that will never disappear. Even the new “enhanced-degradability” foam is a plastic and though it breaks down more quickly, the legacy of plastic is still left in the earth. I think it is our bounden duty to protect nature in every way we can and it seems particularly inappropriate that a funeral should leave an easily avoidable legacy of poisonous waste.

Make “earth to earth” really mean what it says and leave out the plastic floral foam.”